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Hunsader Farms got its start in 1967 when three Hunsader Brothers left their Wisconsin dairy farm to try their hand at growing vegetables in the sunny south.  The brothers cleared the land by hand and planted their first crop of 80 acres of tomatoes in the fall of 1967.  The operation prospered and grew, and in 1990 was handed down to their sons who gave it the name Hunsader Farms


Through the years we have added many events and activities in an effort to share with the community a little piece of our farming heritage.  In 1990 we built the barn style Farm Market, then added the petting zoo in 1991.  In 1992 we kicked off our first Pumpkin Festival, while the summer of 1995 was spent building a playground and picnic area for families.  The year 1997 brought the construction of our modern-day outhouse.  In 2002 we built our craft and antique store, The Farmer’s Wife, and in 2005 turned it into an ice cream and gift shop.  In 2013 we opened our antique barn.  The old town was added in 2014.


We hope you come visit us as we help you catch a glimpse of days past when life was a little slower, a little sweeter, and a lot simpler.

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