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Take a ride into the country to Hunsader Farms for your next field trip. We  provide an educational place for Elementary school age and Pre-school age children to learn about farm life, vegetables and animals.   

The day begins with a buggy tour around the farm. During the journey, the children will observe some animals, vegetable plants, fields and more. The trip continues past the maintenance barn, loading dock and packing house. This is a guided tour explaining what you are seeing.


Next we will give your group a bucket of animal feed with enough cups for each child. Your group will then take a self-guided tour through the petting zoo where they can meet, pet, and feed a deer, an antelope, ducks, emus, bunnies, pigs, geese, sheep, goats, miniature donkeys, miniature ponies, alpacas, and more. We  also have many parrots your group will be able to observe behind their enclosures. They can play on the large playground and everyone can enjoy their lunch or snack in our picnic area. Each child will leave with a kid sized pumpkin or a vegetable plant (Oct.-Nov) or a vegetable plant (Mar.-May). *Vegetable plant is a baby starter plant*


Our field trips run Oct.-Nov. and March-May and are approximately 2 hours long.  The cost is $16.00 per child (there is a 20 child minimum).  Teachers/chaperones/adults/parents are $14.00. One teacher is free. We can accommodate up to 30 kids per group with 1 chaperone/adult/parent per 10 kids. We can only fit 45 people total on the buggy tour so please limit your chaperones accordingly. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to avoid missing the buggy tour. Refunds will not be given for missed buggy tour if field trip arrives late. 


The Farm Market will be open for those who would like to purchase fresh produce. We also have jams, jellies, honey, and pickled vegetables for sale   inside our  market. The ice cream shop and the Country Club barn will also be open for anyone interested in ice cream, gifts, t-shirts, antiques, and crafts.

We have water bottles for sale at our produce market and Eat Shack, but you are welcome to bring your own waters. We do not have water fountains due to our water source being well water.


Field Trips

To book a field trip, please call


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